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What we provide
Occupational therapy reports & capacity building
Speech Pathology services
NO WAITLIST policy for each service
After hour & weekend appointments
Telehealth & Face-to-face services
Australia wide therapist connection
Allied-health trained administration team
Service built from lived experience
Accessible services - easy read policies
Dietetics - Feeding & Eating therapy
Bulk billing available upon GP request
Psychological assessments & therapy
Across the life-span healthcare provision
Credentialised eating disorder providers
Expert selection of health care providers
Inclusive & Diverse-friendly culture
Proactive security, safety & quality assurance measures
Medicare, NDIS & Workcover funding accepted

Kenneth Love (He/Him)

Trauma Informed Accredited Practising Psychologist

Ebony Willmott (she/her) Practice Manager

Practice Manager

Internal Accounts Officer

Internal Accounts Officer

Bronte Williamson (She/Her)

Founder - Operations & Clinical Director

TALIA BRAUN Accredited Practising Dietitian (she/her)

Talia Braun (She/Her)

Feeding & Eating Dietitian

ROSE GOLDSMITH (she/her) - Accredited Practising Dietitian (Chronic Illness, Diabetes, Neurodiversity)

Rose Goldsmith (She/Her)



Daniela Pavloska (She/Her)


Jessica Marchi (She/Her)

Community Engagement Manager

Helen Dean

Helen Dean (She/Her)

Feeding & Eating Dietitian

Helen Mcdougall - Nourished Not Deprived Occupational Therapist

Helen McDougall (She/Her)

Occupational Therapist

Jayme Lough (She/Her)

Occupational Therapist

Shaylee Spooner

Shaylee Spooner

Occupational Therapist

STEPHANIE HARTANTO - Accredited Practicing Occupational Therapist & Doctor of Medicine

Stephanie Hartanto (She/Her)

Occupational Therapist

Nimaya - Occupational Therapist - Nourished Not Deprived

Nimaya Wasala (She/Her)

Occupational Therapist

Georgina Woods

Georgina Woods (She/Her)

Occupational Therapist

Cleo Burke

Cleo Burke (She/her)


Daniela Guzzardi (She/Her)

Accredited Practising Psychologist & Behavioural Support Practitioner

Divina Daryanani - Nourished Not Deprived

Divina Daryanani (She/Her)


Guy Porter


Kamelia Todorov - Registered Psychologist

Kamelia Todorov (She/Her)


Laura (Lola) Johnstone (She/Her)

Speech Pathologist

Mirna Bolus (She/Her)

Speech Pathologist

Ramneet Ubbi (She/Her)

Speech Pathologist

Our points of difference

Developed on a foundation of lived experience encompassing
disability and eating disorders, our company is dedicated to
consistently dismantling barriers in the pursuit of effective and
accessible healthcare in Australia from a personal and professional
point of view.

Does telehealth work in diverse population groups?

A common concern regarding therapy engagement through telemedicine is whether participants will actively participate. However, recent research highlights the potential advantages of telemedicine, particularly for individuals on the autism spectrum:

  • Telemedicine allows consultations to occur in a familiar and comfortable environment.(1)

  • Participants can avoid the social and sensory overload often experienced in public transport or waiting rooms.(2)

  • Telemedicine can be effectively utilised to provide valuable training and education for families, improving the quality of life for those receiving care and reducing the burden on caregivers within these families.(1)

  • The utilisation of telehealth helps reduce travel expenses and eliminates barriers to accessing essential services.(3)

  • Furthermore, telemedicine enhances access to experienced clinicians, ensuring higher expertise and care for individuals seeking therapy.(4)

why a multidisciplinary service?

We all know that our physical health and mental well-being are closely connected, and when both are in good shape, life just feels better.

Initially established to offer nationwide accessibility to dietetic services in Australia, we identified a pressing need for comprehensive mental health support alongside our existing dietetic provisions. Consequently, we made the strategic decision to evolve into a full-fledged Allied Health service provider, with management utilising their recruitment skills and allied health backgrounds to bring onboard only the best allied health providers in Australia.

Central to our approach is a commitment to addressing the urgent needs of our community without subjecting them to extensive wait times.

Hear from our community.

I have never experienced such a responsive and face passed healthcare service. Received a call from the lovely administration staff within an hour of placing a referral. Cannot recommend enough
12 February 2024
What a wonderful service
I have always attributed healthcare as a saddening and low experience, until I came across this colorful fun lovely bunch. What a wonderful experience to leave feeling just as the website makes you feel, happy and bright. Highly recommend.
1 April 2024
Living in a rural area accessing quality healthcare has always been a struggle. Nourished was able to get me in within a week of making the appointment. What a wonderful service.
02 January 2024
The Team at Nourished have consistently given me exceptional service, above and beyond what I expected. I have complex needs based on my medical history and Since engaging with a Nourished my health has improved significantly, and I have not once felt deprived of the foods I love during the process.
10 January 2023
Can't believe I was seen so quickly
I have never come across an organisation that works at such a pace as to keep their wait lists so low. I was able to have my participants seen within 2 days of referral, with such a great response post, well done team.
30 December 2023
Would recommend 100%
a month ago As a health professional myself I have no hesitation in recommending Bronte and her Team at Nourished Not Deprived to family, friends and clients alike. They place client needs and wants at the centre of their care, allowing individual preferences to shape the advice given. Everyone I've told about Nourished Not Deprived has returned to me with glowing reviews. A very highly trusted team of professionals!
30 September 2022
Matched with someone amazing
The matching process here at Nourished was something I have never experienced before. After 20 years of trying to find a service where I felt validated, I can finally say I am excited for my next therapy appointment, who would've thought! Thankyou Nourished.
29 August 2022
Volunteer experience
Nourished has absolutely changed my experience as both a patient and a volunteer. The team at nourished have all been involved in the support of my journey through my endo diagnosis, as well as helping me break some habits that were causing more harm than good. I cannot thank Talia, Bronte and Davina more for all their help so far. As a volunteer at Nourished, Bronte has really helped me excel as health professional, giving me so much guidance and amazing feedback along the way. Nourished is the most incredible team.
31 August 2022
Affordable therapy
Not only was my experience wonderful, but after a doctor recommendation for bulk billing I was able to receive the service gap free. Amazing.
29 August 2022

Funding Options

Medicare rebates, health care insurance and NDIS funding can be accessed and utilised here at Nourished Not Deprived.

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