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The origin of Nourished Not Deprived

HOw did Nourished Not deprived begin?

Nourished Not Deprived is an incredibly diverse Nutrition & Mental Health Allied Health Professionals team, accessible from anywhere in Australia.

Nourished Not Deprived emerged from humble beginnings in my parents’ garage, fuelled by little more than a laptop, a grand vision, and a very poor attempt at a Squarespace website.

Growing up as the only child of two partially disabled parents exposed me early on to the challenges of limited income, ongoing illness, and persistent pain. Coping with these circumstances led me down a personal journey with the eating disorder Bulimia Nervosa.

Unable to secure the necessary financial support for proper healthcare due to my BMI not meeting the required threshold, I took it upon myself to navigate the path to recovery until I could access professional services in my young adulthood.

Upon successfully overcoming these challenges, I committed to prevent others from facing similar hardships. Armed with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetic honors degree, Nourished Not Deprived came into existence, driven by a desire to extend support to both my family and the broader community.

I hope you can find the support and community in Nourished that you deserve, and we all arguably need.”¬†

Warmest regards,

Bronte Williamson 
APD BNDHns – Credentialised Eating Disorder Clinician
Founder & Managing Director of Nourished Not Deprived

What is Nourished Not Deprived?

Nourished Not Deprived is a team of Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Speech Pathologists, accessible from anywhere in Australia.

Originally a dietetics practice, we expanded our services into a complete mental health Allied Health clinic, offering our patients a no wait lists policy. The industry standard of 6+ month waitlists was not assisting our patients in the way we needed, so we fixed it.

Our mission here is to rewrite the narrative on what a medical appointment looks like and feels like; having our patients leaving feeling heard, validated and supported. Colourful perhaps, like our website!

Our founder, Bronte, has a strong passion for risk aversion and safety in her organisation. As such, our organisation has embedded many tiered identification strategies and stepped safety plans to identify any harm to patient or practitioner as early as possible. We care about our team and patients, and therefore it is our responsibility to keep them as safe as possible.

Lastly, Nourished is much more than an appointment with a health professional. You truly join a team here who cares about you and will go above and beyond to make sure you are supported in the way that YOU need.

A caring team with a Mission

Here at Nourished we pride ourselves on client-centred care, meeting you where you are at in your mental health, nutrition and life journey.

Client-centred care requires an individualised approach and view of the person as a whole. As such when our practitioners work with someone, they work with the WHOLE person, not the textbook version.

Our Dietitians main goal during a consult is to leave you feeling more at peace and confident with your eating patterns and overall health trajectory. In a judgement free zone always they use their extensive nutrition science knowledge to implement tailored strategies to optimise your wellbeing and place you on the path of achieving your individual goals.

Our Psychologists main goal during their consultations is to make you feel supported in your current experiences and life journey. Compassion and empathy is always at the forefront of their minds, with the ability to truly listen, our psychologists hold you through your consult, and implement appropriate strategies to assist you in moving forward.

Funding Options

Medicare rebates, health care insurance and NDIS funding can be accessed and utilised here at Nourished Not Deprived.

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