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What is a Nourished Meal Plan?

A Nourished Meal Plan is a meal plan, designed by an Accredited practicing Dietitian, that is created just for YOU.

Our Nourished Dietitians have spent years developing, innovating and reconstructing meals plans that suit each individual that comes into our community. Why ‘each individual?’ Well that is because each individual has varied requirements, needs, preferences and backgrounds that need to be taken into consideration each time a meal plan is made. You can guarantee that the meal plan you are provided has been chosen and/or constructed for you because it will best suit your current lifestyle and goals.

Common meal plan questions

Dietitians spend 4 years undertaking either a Masters or Honors degree at University, learning about the scientific intricacies of the body, nutrition, mind and social aspects of diet. A Dietitian does not just have a body composition goal in mind when creating a meal plan for you. They also review your specific nutrient requirements, the psychology behind your eating, your longevity of life and social aspects regarding feasibility of a meal plan. You could say Dietitians are the experts of nutrition and the body, and what better person to create your meal plan then an EXPERT in food.

Well, you can, but it isn’t advised.

Have you ever wondered why the meal plan provided during your gym’s 6 week challenge does not work long term? This is because 6 weeks of following the same eating behaviors is not maintainable for anyone long term. Most humans crave variety, freedom and ability to socialize with friends and family. One meal plan does not usually allow for those things.

What our Nourished Dietitians do is create a meal plan and advise the length of time this should be followed.

Dietitians will create a meal plan based off of their analysis of the clients goals, needs and individual circumstances. For instance if a client’s goal is to lose weight, a Dietitian will review what modality in which should be taken to lose weight.

  • Calorie counting?
  • Food swaps?
  • Certain eating pattern changes?

All will be reviewed and decided on what will be best for the client. After the mode in which weight loss will be endeavored upon is decided, the clients’ food preferences, budget, social life, family life, medical history/ current conditions and goals will all be considered when deciding on what foods will be chosen and in what quantities.

That’s okay, this just means we need to change some things up! This is a totally normal component of reaching a goal. The key to success in any form is becoming really good at failing, and pivoting when necessary in that failure. When something doesn’t work, our Nourished Dietitians are brilliant at helping you problem solve and come up with plan B,C,D… and so on, which is again totally normal.

We can make meal plans for:

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