Cleo Burke

Meet Cleo

Accredited Practising Nourished Psychologist

Cleo, one of our esteemed Nourished Psychologists, earned her Master of Psychology from Queensland University of Technology in 2019. Cleo seamlessly integrated into our team and was embraced for her compassionate demeanour, vibrant spirit, and extensive knowledge across various psychotherapy domains.

Cleos domains of experience involve areas such as disability, rare genetic and neurodevelopmental disorders, and chronic health conditions, notably gastrointestinal disease.

Her expertise extends to conducting diverse psychological assessments and implementing therapeutic approaches across a spectrum of environments. Cleo’s proficiency covers infant to adult therapy.

She has extensive experience in verbal and non-verbal cognitive and achievement assessments, including UNIT, Leiter, Full Weschler, and Woodcock Johnson. Additionally, she has experience in neurological assessments (Bayley & Brigance, Conners, BRIEF), mental health assessments (e.g., DASS, SDQ, and K10), and language assessments/screeners (e.g., CTOPP, CELF, and CASL) for both non-clinical and clinical diagnostic purposes.

Cleo is adept at delivering formal and non-formal therapeutic interventions, emphasising a systems, attachment, and family-centered approach. Her background includes extensive experience working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations, showcasing her versatility in catering to diverse needs.

It is safe to say Nourished is very happy to have Cleo on our team!


ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
Anxiety Disorders
Chronic disease management
Feeding and eating disorders
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

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