Meet Daniela Guzzardi (She/Her)

Accredited Practising Psychologist

Introducing Daniela to the Nourished Not Deprived crew, a seasoned practitioner dedicated to fostering mental health and vocational empowerment, stationed in the vibrant landscape of professional psychology. Daniela extends her services through the Nourished Not Deprived platform, catering to individuals seeking support in navigating a spectrum of challenges; with particular interest in personality disorders and complex trauma.

Her journey into the field of psychology commenced with distinction, graduating from Deakin University, Australia, with a Graduate Diploma of Psychology in 2013 and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) in 2012. Armed with this academic foundation, Daniela has accumulated over a decade of experience, honing her expertise in supporting clients grappling with personality disorders, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, body image concerns, and trauma-related issues. With previous BSP experience within the NDIS space, Daniela has extensive experience in restrictive practice awareness, as well as working within a neurodiverse framework.

Notably, Daniela has left an indelible mark in the disability sector as a vocational counsellor, where she has played a pivotal role in preparing clients for employment opportunities. Her commitment to facilitating holistic empowerment is evident in her ability to ignite resilience and self-efficacy in individuals facing diverse life circumstances.

With a fervent dedication to her craft, Daniela continuously explores her special interests, ensuring that her practice remains finely attuned to the evolving needs of her clients. Moreover, her participation in health fund member arrangements underscores her commitment to accessibility, offering potential reductions in treatment costs and promoting inclusivity within her practice.

In every interaction, Daniela’s compassionate demeanor and unwavering professionalism create an environment of trust and growth. Whether guiding individuals through mental health challenges or providing vocational counseling, Daniela stands as a beacon of support, ready to accompany her clients on their journey towards healing and fulfillment.

Daniela Guzzardi (She/Her)’S AREAS OF EXPERIENCE:

Neurological Conditions
Traumatic Brain Injury
Developmental Conditions
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Cerebral Palsy
Developmental Coordination Disorder
Mental Health Conditions
Major Depressive Disorder
Anxiety Disorders
Complex trauma
Personality Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Chronic Disease Conditions
Language Disorders: Expressive Language Disorder, Receptive Language Disorder, Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder
Geriatric Conditions
Age-related frailty
Geriatric syndromes
Geriatric Depression
Elder Abuse
Eating Disorders
Anorexia Nervosa
Binge Eating Disorder
Rumination Disorder
NDIS Reports & Assessments
Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)
Family led therapy
Psychological Assessment - (ADHD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Assessment
Psychological Assessment - Personality Disorder Assessment

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