Georgina Woods

Meet Georgina

Accredited Practising Occupational Therapist

Introducing Georgina, another wonderful Occupational Therapist at Nourished Not Deprived, stationed on the serene Central Coast of New South Wales! Georgina offers both face-to-face and telehealth therapy services for NDIS participants within our community.

Georgina embarked on her professional journey after graduating with distinction from the Australian Catholic University in North Sydney in 2020, armed with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. With over four years of dedicated experience, particularly within the NDIS space, Georgina harbors a profound dedication to disability care across all stages of life.

Having extensive experience and a strong passion for adult rehabilitation, Georgina excels in providing tailored home modification guidance and assistive technology recommendations, especially for individuals grappling with neurological conditions. Her expertise extends to the realms of mental health conditions and orthopedics, where she thrives in igniting positive change with her participants.

Georgina’s effervescent persona, coupled with her genuine passion for occupational therapy, infuses each therapy session with warmth, openness, and security. You’ll likely find her with a warm laugh brightening up each room she enters!

When she’s not enriching lives through her profession, Georgina treasures moments spent with her loved ones. Her unwavering commitment to both her career and personal life exemplifies her as a well-rounded leader in occupational therapy and a cornerstone of excellence at Nourished.


Neurological Conditions
Traumatic Brain Injury
Spinal Cord Injury: Tetraplegia (Quadriplegia), Paraplegia
Orthopedic Conditions
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Developmental Coordination Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorder
Mental Health Conditions
Major Depressive Disorder
Anxiety Disorders
Complex trauma
Personality Disorders
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Chronic bronchitis, Emphysema
Speech and Communication Conditions
Speech Disorders: Articulation Disorders, Phonological Disorders, Apraxia of Speech
Language Disorders: Expressive Language Disorder, Receptive Language Disorder, Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder
Fluency Disorders: Stuttering, Cluttering
Geriatric Conditions
Age-related frailty
Geriatric syndromes
Geriatric Depression
NDIS Reports & Assessments
Functional Capacity Assessment Report (FCA)
Supported Independent Living Report (SIL)
Specialist Disability Accommodation Report (SDA)
Independent Living Options (ILO)
Low -Cost Assistive Technology Supporting Letter
Mid -Cost Assistive Technology Supporting Letter
High-Cost Assistive Technology Supporting Letter
Psychological Assessment - Personality Disorder Assessment
Occupational Therapist

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