Meet Jessica

Manager Of Community Engagement

Introducing Jessica Marchi, our cherished Director of Community Engagement, a seasoned engagement professional with a heartwarming sense of creativity. Jess brings to our organisation a wealth of experience as a an engagement specialist, accomplished actress, and esteemed content creator.

Jessica’s decision to join our team is fueled by several factors, notably her exceptional talent for sparking creativity, infusing warmth, and adding a touch of humor to our organisational culture in an area of high psychosocial demand. Her dedication to instilling hope and a strong humanitarian drive perfectly aligns with our company’s mission to provide sustained value and healthcare nationwide.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce/Business and a major in Events Management from ICMS | International College of Management Sydney, Jessica boasts nearly a decade of hands-on experience in developing and executing impactful content creation strategies. Her professional journey is punctuated by a series of notable achievements, showcasing her ability to drive growth of community.

What truly distinguishes Jessica is not only her impressive academic background, but her demonstrated expertise in developing communities across various streaming platforms.

As our Director of Community Engagement, Jessica’s unique ability to inspire creativity and her commitment to enhancing community accessibility, all delivered with a touch of warmth, align seamlessly with our company’s objectives for continual value and service provision nationwide. We are excited to welcome Jessica as a key leader in our mission to positively impact the healthcare landscape.

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