Shaylee Spooner

Meet Shaylee

Mental Health Occupational Therapist

Introducing Shaylee to the esteemed members of the Nourished team!

Shaylee is a distinguished Occupational Therapist who obtained her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Charles Sturt University Albury in 2021. Since then, she has garnered valuable experience in various healthcare settings, both in Australia and the United Kingdom, spanning mental health, community, acute medicine, and stroke care.

Notably, Shaylee has direct involvement in the disability sector in Australia and has served as a dedicated disability worker, offering in-home support. Subsequently, she broadened her expertise through diverse professional experiences in Germany and Australia.

Within the Nourished team, Shaylee undertakes a multifaceted case load, encompassing neurological conditions, sensory processing impairments, mental health challenges, and physical disabilities. Her particular areas of expertise and passion revolve around stroke care, neurological impairments, and mental health. We are delighted to welcome Shaylee to our team, confident in her ability to contribute significantly to our mission of providing exceptional care and support.


Neurological Conditions
Traumatic Brain Injury
Spinal Cord Injury: Tetraplegia (Quadriplegia), Paraplegia
Orthopedic Conditions
Developmental Conditions
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Developmental Coordination Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorder
Mental Health Conditions
Major Depressive Disorder
Anxiety Disorders
Complex trauma
Personality Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Speech and Communication Conditions
Speech Disorders: Articulation Disorders, Phonological Disorders, Apraxia of Speech
Language Disorders: Expressive Language Disorder, Receptive Language Disorder, Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder
Fluency Disorders: Stuttering, Cluttering
Geriatric Conditions
Age-related frailty
Geriatric syndromes
Geriatric Depression
NDIS Reports & Assessments
Functional Capacity Assessment Report (FCA)
Supported Independent Living Report (SIL)
Specialist Disability Accommodation Report (SDA)
Independent Living Options (ILO)
Low -Cost Assistive Technology Supporting Letter
Mid -Cost Assistive Technology Supporting Letter
High-Cost Assistive Technology Supporting Letter
Paediatric Conditions
Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)
Family led therapy
Psychological Assessment - Personality Disorder Assessment
Occupational Therapist

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