ADHD assessments

In your ADHD assessment and report generation with our Nourished psychologist, expect a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms, behaviors, and cognitive functions. Our expert team will employ standardised assessments, clinical interviews, and meticulous analysis to provide you with a thorough understanding of your condition. Following this assessment, we will craft a detailed report that outlines our findings, potential diagnoses, and personalized recommendations for managing ADHD-related challenges. Your journey towards greater clarity and effective treatment begins here.

Initial Consultation – Private – 90 mins

  1. Introduction and Welcome
    • The attending psychologist will commence by introducing themselves and initiating the process of familiarising themselves with you.
  2. Informed Consent
    • Your attending psychologist will elucidate the purpose behind the forthcoming assessment and provide an overview of the evaluation process.
    • The parameters of confidentiality and its constraints will be discussed comprehensively.
    • In the event of a minor client, your psychologist will seek informed consent from the client’s legal guardian.
  3. Background Information Gathering
    • Collection of pertinent demographic information (e.g, age, gender, education, occupation) will be conducted.
    • Thoroughly, your psychologist will procure an in-depth medical and psychiatric history, including any antecedent diagnoses or treatments associated with ADHD or other mental health conditions.
  4. Developmental History
    • Your psychologist will delve into the early developmental phase, encompassing childhood behaviours, academic performance, and familial and peer relationships.
    • A comprehensive exploration of significant life events or stressors that may have contributed to the current situation will be undertaken.
  5. Symptom Assessment
    • Your psychologist will administer standardised assessment tools, including, but not limited to, the CARS 2 or Conners’ 4 Rating Scales (with a minimum of two assessments conducted).
    • A substantive dialogue will be initiated to gauge personal experiences pertaining to inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity across various settings (e.g., home, school, work).
    • Detailed assessment of symptom onset, duration, and severity will be carried out.
  6. Review of Functional Impairment
    • The evaluation will encompass an exhaustive examination of daily functioning, academic or occupational performance, and the presence of any impediments in interpersonal relationships.
    • Additionally, your psychologist will explore any concurrent conditions or comorbidities (e.g., anxiety, depression) that could potentially influence overall functioning.

    Assessment provision and interpretation – 120 minutes

  7. Provision of Assessments: As part of the assessment process, we offer the following provisions:
  8. Tailored Assessments
    • A minimum of two distinct assessments will be administered to the client, chosen as a result of their age and specific presentation.
  9. Comprehensive Scoring and Interpretation
    • Our psychologists allocate a dedicated two-hour period for the scoring and in-depth interpretation of assessment results. This ensures a thorough understanding of the client’s unique profile and needs.

    Report creation and interpretation – 180 minutes

  10. Report Creation and Continued Interpretation:
    • Your psychologist then creates a comprehensive assessment report with ongoing interpretation involving the following:
  11. Report Generation & recommendations
    • Your psychologist creates a detailed assessment report that summarises the findings from your assessments.
    • Your report will have a section on Recommendations at the end. These will cover both medication and non-medication pathways to help manage your ADHD symptoms.
    • This report is carefully put together to provide you with a clear and helpful summary of your assessment results and findings.
    • They also include recommendations for how to address any issues that may have been identified during the assessment.
    • This report will also outline the steps you can take for further treatment if needed.

    Feedback appointment – 60 minutes

  12. Review and Summary Appointment of Assessment Findings: In this appointment, your psychologist and you will go over the results of the assessments you’ve undergone and provide a concise summary of our findings. Here’s what you can expect:
  13. Presentation of Assessment Outcomes
    • Your psychologist will present a detailed overview of the assessment findings, discussing any significant observations and results.
    • This will include a review of your symptoms, behaviour, and performance in various areas.
  14. Clarification and Explanation
    • They will explain the meaning of the assessment results in straightforward terms, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what they indicate.
  15. Discussion of Diagnoses and Recommendations
    • If applicable, they will discuss diagnoses that have been made based on the assessment results.
    • They will provide recommendations for treatment or intervention, if necessary, and discuss potential next steps.
  16. Addressing Your Questions and Concerns
    • We encourage you to ask any questions or share any concerns you may have regarding the assessment findings or recommendations.
  17. Collaborative Planning
    • Next, you will work on a plan of action moving forward, which may include treatment options, therapy, or other interventions tailored to your unique needs.
  18. Documenting Your Summary
    • We will provide you with a written summary of our discussion, including key findings and recommendations, for your reference.
    This review and summary appointment is designed to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the assessment results and a clear path forward for addressing any identified issues. Your active participation and questions are welcomed and encouraged throughout the appointment. Total cost associated – inclusive of report. $1277/7.5 hours
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