Patient Handovers

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all relevant, accurate and current information about a patient’s care and previous care has been correctly transferred to the new practitioner. This will ensure action is taken (when necessary) and continuity of patient care is maintained.

The key principles of handovers are:

  1. Prepare and schedule clinical handover with new Dietitian and where necessary schedule a phone call to outline patient care trajectory.
  2. Have all relevant and accurate information available during handover.
  3. Be aware of patients current goals and trajectory of care.
  4. Ensure handover of information is well received by secondary practitioners.
  5. Ensure all previous notes have been shared with new practitioner.


  1. Delegating handovers
    a. Delegation of handovers must be authorized by the Lead Dietitian.
    b. All practitioners involved in the handover must be made aware of handovers via email and phone call if necessary.
  2. Rebooking patients
    a. This task should be done by the administration team.
    b. When rebooking the patient with the new practitioner, within the ‘comments’ section of the booking screen, the words ‘’handover from *insert Dietitian name* must be placed.
  3. Sharing notes between practitioners
    a. All past notes must be shared with new practitioners.
    b. To share notes with new practitioner, hover over the *down arrow* next to the ‘SAVE’ button in the top right section of the page and select *share*.
    c. Next select *Practitioner in your group* and allocate which practitioner you wish to share your notes with.
    d. Share all relevant notes.
  4. Confirming handover
    a. All Dietitians involved in the handover must ensure appropriate communication is attained during handover.
    b. In Halaxy the template ‘’Handover’’ must be filled by the handing over Dietitian and shared with the new practitioner.
    c. If urgent handover is required or patient is high risk, a phone call may be appropriate.

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