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How to ACTUALLY keep your New Years Resolutions

‘New year, new me! My new diet starts on the 1st of Jan!’

Have you heard this before? 

New Year’s Resolutions have so much potential to lead to amazing improvements in your life and lifestyle. For some. setting a start date is what gets them super motivated, and if that is you, then go for it!

To optimise your New Year’s resolutions this year and to give yourself the BEST chance at ACTUALLY sticking to them, here are Nourisheds health professionals top tips for you! 

1. Don’t… be unrealistic

Let’s say you’ve told yourself that in the new year you’ll eat super healthy, and aim to do it by changing the way you eat completely. This most likely means changing your diet so much that it hardly resembles what you’re used to eating, or even like eating. 

Sounds uh.. horrid.

These sorts of goals are usually super unrealistic because they’re too unfamiliar. We as humans do not like the unfamiliar. These sorts of goals have too much change. We also do not like too much change. 

A little bit of change and unfamiliarity we can handle, too much, usually not. 

2. Set manageable goals

Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the big picture goals without thinking about the details of how to achieve such goals. 

The best way to get to your destination is with a map to do so! 

This includes thinking of (& writing down) things such as:

What specifically do you want to change? 

How will you measure your success?

Is this an achievable goal in the time frame given?

When are you going to achieve this? 

3. Don’t get tunnel vision

It’s important when working towards anything to think about the process rather than just the end goal. Enjoying the process is how you will continue to stick to the process. 

Say for example your end goal was to lose 10kg. 

Did you get there? Maybe you only lost 8 kgs in the time frame set. 

But did you implement an enjoyable workout routine and incorporate more whole foods into your diet which in turn has left you feeling accomplished and more energised. Hell yeah!

Remember to account for all the amazing achievements along the way!

4. Don’t fall for the ‘too good to be true’ marketing gimmicks

Many businesses will jump at the idea of a new year’s resolution, knowing many people will pay a good price to try and reach certain goals. Overall this can simply mean they will profit off your insecurities and strong desires for quick change. 

Such situations can leave you with limited outcomes and very much out of pocket on something that doesn’t work. 

The unfortunate truth is many programs, powders, pills and plans aren’t delivered with you specifically in mind, including your goals, lifestyle and environment. People are unique in what they require to achieve certain goals and it is important that these specificities are taken into consideration when trying to achieve something. A good health professional (Personal Trainer, Dietitian, Psychologist etc..) will take these specialities into consideration when assisting you in reaching your goals. 

Bringing it all together

In short, setting realistic goals that will leave you not feeling miserable throughout the process, proud of yourself once completed, with a road map of how to get there taking your own unique needs into consideration are a few key pointers to keeping to those New Year’s resolutions this year. 

Ps. Surrounding yourself with likeminded motivating individuals helps too ☺️

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