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Nourished Pantry Staples

If we are to give you one tip, which seems counterintuitive, it would be to not overthink it.

Think of the basics of nutrition first. We know we want more wholegrains, fruits & veg, nuts & seeds, various plant foods and lean sources of protein.

A grocery shop staple should be something that has LONGEVITY and a decent SHELF LIFE.

So what products can you purchase from the shops that provide a long shelf life & the nutrients we are after?

Well… packaged foods (shocker right?!).

Despite popular belief packaged foods can be fantastic. The concept of packaging foods, to improve shelf life has lead to less food wastage and less nutrient deficiencies in our community… so don’t shun packaged foods, they can be great if you know what you’re looking for.

When reviewing labels on packaged foods:

A rule of thumb is to look for a product with one or more of the following nutrient values.

  • Per 100grams – Fibre should be over 3grams
  • Per 100grams – Saturated fat under 3 grams
  • Per 100grams – Sodium under 400grams
  • Per 100grams – Sugar under 15 grams.

Now these guidelines will not be applicable ALL of the time and not with EVERY product.

We wouldn’t be looking for a dairy product that has over 3 grams of fibre…and not EVERY product that goes into your mouth has to fit these guidelines. It’s contextual.

Here is another rough guide:

  • Fibre – Muesli bars, Bread, Wraps, Rice, Pasta, Cereals, Chips.
  • Saturated Fat – Most packaged products you could aim to meet this guideline.
  • Sodium – Frozen meals you will have trouble hitting this guideline aim for under 600mgs.
  • Sugar – Any product with fruit will be high in this. If sugar is over 15grams look at the ingredients list and if sugar is in the top 3 attempt to find another product.

Now here are some of our Dietitian pantry staples picked by Dietitian to be miss Rose!

Peanut Butter
I mean what can’t you do with peanut butter?? Use it for baking, add to smoothies, toast or even for a satay sauce.

Rolled Oats
Such a classic staple, rolled oats are an awesome brekkie option you can have hot or try out some overnight oats for your meal prep.

Protein Pasta
This one is a great way to bump up that protein, a perfect option for an easy meatless Monday pasta dish!

Tinned Beans
Chickpeas, cannellini beans, kidney beans, you name it! They are all fantastic plant proteins to keep on hand in the pantry to grab whenever you need the extra protein and fibre boost to your meals.

Nut Bars
We nut bars (@carmanskitchen has our heart). Keeping these ones on hand (in your purse or backpack!) for snack time is a great way to get you through the day.

Yes, chocolate. We love chocolate, so we eat chocolate! Having the foods you love in your home is important to let yourself enjoy the foods you love.

Nourished Pantry Staples

So as you can see. Not only can you purchase processed foods that are nutrient rich, have a long self life and are quote on quote ‘healthy’, but you can purchase foods that do not fall into each category discussed above, and they can still be considered, healthy. 🙂

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Enjoyed the read?

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