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What is a Functional Capacity Assessment

What is a functional capacity assessment?

Nourished Not Deprived Occupational Therapists offer functional capacity assessments for our participants.
A functional capacity assessment is a comprehensive assessment of the person’s functional ability across a range of daily activities and environments. This assessment assists the participant, their carers and various supports to understand the supports needed to assist the participant to achieve their goals. 

Who needs a functional capacity assessment?

Functional capacity assessments are generally requested by participants who are coming up to a NDIS plan review.
Those who will benefit from a FCA may be:

  • Those looking to understand a participants current needs and capacity levels
  • Those looking to get onto the NDIS scheme
  • Those looking to attain more supports through their NDIS plan review
  • Those looking to attain more assistance around the home
  • Those looking to gain a better understanding of the supports needed to improve the participants capacity

The benefits of attaining a functional assessment before review time allows for a more in-depth explanation for why the participant is in need of their current support or an increase in support.

Who can complete a functional capacity assessment?

A functional capacity assessment is completed by an allied health professional, typically an Occupational therapist. These assessments generally take around 10-15 hours to complete. This may seem like a long time; however these documents require in depth assessments and collection of information with the participant as well as liaison with other supports or health professionals engaged with the participant and formulation of the report and recommendations.

Can you get NDIS support without a functional capacity assessment?

Due to the financial inaccessibility of functional capacity assessments, it is often not attainable by the public to receive an FCA before being placed on the scheme. When applying to access the NDIS you must complete an Access Request Form. This form can be completed to access NDIS funding if you believe you meet access requirements.

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Am I eligible for the NDIS?

To be eligible for the NDIS you must have the following:
– Be between the ages of 7 and 65
– Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or protected special category visa holder
– Must live in Australia
– You must have a disability caused by a permanent impairment (intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory, physical or psychosocial).
– Must need disability specific supports to complete daily life activities or
– Need some supports now to reduce your future need for support or
– Nee some supports now for your family to build their skills to help you

How much is a functional capacity assessment?

Due to the lengthy nature, functional capacity assessments are not considered cheap. They require 12-15 hours of a practitioner’s time, and as such are usually requested once a participant is on the National Disability Insurance Scheme. If you are after a quote, contact our clinic today to discuss how we can assist you in this space.

What is an Access Functional Capacity Assessment?

An access FCA will often be completed when a participant is looking to get onto the NDIS. Sometimes a shorter version of an FCA will be accepted for the scheme and is therefore requested by our Occupational therapists.

For eligibility a participant will need to have substantially reduced functional capacity in one of the 6 NDIS domains: 

  1. Mobility 
  2. Communication
  3. Social interaction
  4. Self management 
  5. Self care
  6. Learning
Functional capacity graph - What is a Functional Capacity Assessment? Nourished Not Deprived

Substantially reduced capacity can be measured and assessed by our occupational therapists in their assistance with reviewing your eligibility for the scheme.

What does a functional capacity assessment involve?

A functional capacity assessment will involve a wide range of areas being assessed for the participant. This involves the use of assessments such as the WHODAS and VINELAND, as well as Sensory Profile Measures and any other assessment types that the practitioner deems appropriate. These assessments provide quantitative information for noting the needs of the participant in relation to their current or future plans. A functional capacity assessment will also involve liaising with other allied health or carers if appropriate. Photos may be taken or utilised to provide a stronger case for capacity building needs, along with the comprehensive report that is provided.

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