Cultivating Mental Wellness: Nourished Not Deprived’s Psychologists Extending Care Across NSW

Nourished Not Deprived, as an organisation deeply committed to holistic well-being, proudly presents a team of dedicated psychologists offering comprehensive assessment and treatment services across various regions of New South Wales. With a footprint in prominent areas including Wollongong, North Sydney, Western Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Lisarow, North Curl Curl, Central Coast, Gosford, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, and Port Macquarie, we stand steadfast in our mission to nurture mental health and personal growth in every individual we serve.

Our Mission

At Nourished Not Deprived, our mission centres around nurturing a healthy mind and spirit. We firmly believe that everyone possesses the capacity to overcome challenges and lead a life marked by fulfilment. With the expertise of our seasoned psychologists, we are dedicated to offering unwavering support to guide our clients along their path to mental well-being.

Assessment and Treatment Services

The core of Nourished Not Deprived’s offerings resides in our comprehensive suite of assessment and treatment services. Drawing upon evidence-based methodologies, our team of adept psychologists provides tailored assessments and interventions, addressing a diverse range of mental health concerns.

Service Areas

We proudly extend our assessment and treatment services to the following areas in New South Wales:

  • Wollongong: Enriching the coastal city with transformative psychological services.
  • North Sydney: Extending a helping hand to individuals seeking support in the northern reaches of Sydney.
  • Western Sydney: Offering therapeutic interventions to foster well-being in the diverse communities of the western suburbs.
  • Eastern Suburbs: Guiding individuals in the eastern suburbs towards mental well-being and personal growth.
  • Lisarow: Bringing our expertise to the residents of Lisarow and surrounding locales.
  • North Curl Curl: Empowering the beachside community through specialised psychological care.
  • Central Coast: Promoting mental wellness amidst the scenic beauty of the Central Coast.
  • Gosford: Partnering with the people of Gosford to elevate mental health and overall quality of life.
  • Newcastle and Hunter Valley: Extending our compassionate reach to the vibrant city of Newcastle and the picturesque Hunter Valley region.
  • Port Macquarie: Nurturing mental wellness for the coastal community of Port Macquarie and its surroundings.

Our Approach

Nourished Not Deprived’s psychologists embody a client-centred ethos, marked by empathy and collaboration. We provide a nurturing and secure space for individuals to openly express their concerns.

Our psychologists work in tandem with clients to co-create personalised treatment plans that address their unique needs and aspirations. Through evidence-backed strategies and therapeutic techniques, we guide individuals towards elevated mental well-being and self-discovery.


Nourished Not Deprived is deeply honoured to stand as a beacon of mental wellness across the diverse communities of New South Wales. Through our accomplished psychologists, we strive to illuminate the paths of individuals in Wollongong, North Sydney, Western Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Lisarow, North Curl Curl, Central Coast, Gosford, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, and Port Macquarie. With unwavering commitment, we nurture minds, fostering a brighter and more fulfilling existence for all.

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