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Employee Assistance Program

The synergy of Psychology, Dietetics and Counselling allows for a holistic approach to improving your employees wellbeing and performance, therefore positively impacting the company.

Why choose us?

Nourished Not Depriveds’ Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to uphold the ethos of our company: To provide the most accessible top tier nutrition and mental health services to the Australian community. We provide assistance across all manner of workforces, from small local businesses to nationwide companies. 


Who will benefit?

Statistics have shown that 47% of Australians had 1 or more chronic health conditions, which we know is exacerbated by poor diet and physical activity. Within our population with no known or diagnosed chronic health conditions, a lifestyle of poor nutritional value and limited physical activity has been shown to increase health concerns both physically and mentally. 

How can we help?

Mental health support is crucial to the health and wellbeing of a population group, and essential for improving employee performance via increasing quality of life. Nutrition is a key pillar to optimisation of performance, wellbeing and prevention of illness. Both nutritional assessment and mental health support are key components to allow for optimisation of business outcomes. 

How our EAPs assist your organisation:

  • Stress management and improved conflict resolution
  • Improved mental wellbeing 
  • Providing a safe and confidential space for employees 
  • Career planning and goal setting for accelerated career improvements
  • Improved nutritional adequacy for reduction of injury
  • Nutritional counselling for management of chronic conditions

We can work together to assist and reduce burnout, increase employee retention and health outcomes via providing accessible healthcare to all.


Eating Disorders Seminar - Nourished Not Deprived

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Funding Options

Medicare rebates, health care insurance and NDIS funding can be accessed and utilised here at Nourished Not Deprived.

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