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Nourished Not Deprived has developed an interactive seminar model in which it is presented in settings such as schools, workplace environments, sporting groups and non-for profit organizations. The seminar aims to redefine how its participants view a healthy relationship with food and how to achieve this individually whilst utilizing various learning styles to engage as many participants as possible.

This interactive model incorporates techniques to engage its visual, auditorial, kinesthetic and read/write learners.

Included is a 30 page workbook, complementary to seminar presentation, to increase engagement with embedded questions and activities.

Throughout the session the listeners develop the fundamental knowledge of attaining a healthy diet, the foundational layers of attaining health through nutrition and the way we view wellbeing and gain the understanding of how to improve their physical and mental health adjunct to a poor relationship with self and food.
This interactive workshop, having the capacity to be altered to suit the demographic presented to, has the ability to further connect its listeners through providing relevant advice.

Continuing with the theme of connection, the engagement section which requires listener participation is to allow the learners to use critical thinking prior to receiving the answer.

Post seminar the listeners have the availability to make use of this information within their own lives, in which they are encouraged to do so during the session.

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