How To SEnd Doctors Letter

How to appropriately send Doctors Letter

  1. Open patient file.
  2. Once in patient file, select ‘’New clinical note’’ *located top right next to add appointment*
  3. Select in template section of note ‘’’Dr Letter’’ *middle of template section*
  4. Fill Template as outlined & address to relevant Doctor.
    1. Doctor of Patient is available in comment section of booking and/or uploaded TCA file in patient file.
  5. Once completed select down arrow next to “save” button  *top right of template* select *Email*.
  6. Input your name in ‘’Sender Name’’.
  7. Input Doctors name into ‘’select professional contact’’, this should auto populate the Doctor of the patient and the email attached to the Doctors practice for your convenience.
  8. Once inputted, select send.
  9. Your Doctors letter has now been submitted.
  10. You can review whether this letter has been sent via *Message History*, selecting (View) then Messaging history will appear.

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