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Therapies for Intellectual Disability

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Improving mental health for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Working primarily in the NDIS space, Nourished Not Deprived clinicians have developed an array of expertise and knowledge within this area of healthcare.

Mental health and Intellectual disability therapies

Amble evidence has shown that when we are able to maintain a healthy diet, alongside implementing healthy brain habits, well-being and quality of life improves.

We also understand that if our mental wellbeing is not of high quality, that our eating behaviours can suffer, and vice versa.

Resultantly, mental illness can disrupt not only our eating patterns, but our everyday tasks such as cooking, shopping, budgeting for groceries and mobility.

Not only can poor mental health disrupt our eating patterns, it can also impact our interoception.
Interoception relates to our ability to understand our bodily cues, including hunger and when we need to go to the toilet.

Nourished Not Deprived’s Allied health team focus on both mental and physical wellbeing, implementing trauma and mental health informed care at every step of your journey to:

  • Improve quality of life with everyday tasks
  • Improve quality of life around meal times
  • Implement strategies to assist with psychosocial capacity
  • Implement strategies for the family and carers to provide interventions to improve the environment
  • Enhance independent living skills
  • Enhance communication and social skills
  • Identify disordered eating behaviours and patterns
  • Identify assistive technology required to improve quality of life

Mental health Occupational therapy and Intellectual disabilities

Nourished Not Deprived’s Mental Health Occupational Therapists collaborate with individuals with disabilities throughout Australia, with a specialised focus on providing comprehensive support for those managing intellectual disabilities, mental health challenges, and neurological conditions.

Our NDIS Occupational therapists take extensive time building rapport with our participants, key stakeholders and carers to ensure we are provided therapy services tailored to your specific needs.

Improving Nutrition for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Working primarily in the NDIS space, Nourished Not Deprived clinicians have developed an array of expertise and knowledge within this area of healthcare.

Acknowledging the distinct and specific requirements of individuals with intellectual disabilities, we proactively offer comprehensive and tailored support to optimise unique dietary needs of our participants; as well as continually develop our knowledge to improve the quality of life of our participants.

Our team of experienced Dietitians are dedicated to fostering an improved state of health and elevating the quality of life for individuals with intellectual disabilities through targeted and specialised nutritional interventions.

Our specialised services cater to critical areas, including but not limited to:

  1. Feeding and eating disorders
  2. Weight management
  3. Improving diversity of diet
  4. Improving cooking skills
  5. Creating meal structure
  6. Training and education for staff members & key stakeholders
  7. Gastrointestinal management

Being a neuro affirming organisation, our approach is all about supporting and empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Our expert Dietitians focus on each person’s needs, providing education and tools to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle.

We offer a wide range of services, including personalised education, careful evaluations, and custom goal setting to ensure their diets are just right.

Nourished Not Deprived have experience in group settings, one-on-one therapy and are well versed in the area of telemedicine.

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