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Yes, we sure do! Nourished Dietitians work with assisting our clients in a range of areas, including development of meal plans.

We provide specific meal plan appointments where we discuss your goals, dietary requirements, medical situations, food preferences and more to develop a personalised meal plan with options to help you reach your goals.

As we want the best results for our clients, a part of the meal plan process means completing review appointments and follow ups to ensure ongoing quality nutrition care, and to make adjustments where necessary.

Many of our clients have experiences with meal plans or diets that have shown limited or only short term success, leading them to feel disheartened about their goals and desires. Instead of providing a standard meal plan, our Dietitians ensure you have a personalised plan including goal setting and strategies to assist with reaching your health goals.

Not all clients are in need of a meal plan, as it is not a necessary component to our work as Dietitians. In order to decide as to whether a meal plan is appropriate our Dietitians can provide a comprehensive assessment and screen to see if you are safe to move forward with one.

If you are not looking for a meal plan, but would like assistance in improving your diet we can instead instead can work with you to

● Educate on food groups, and essential nutrients for your health goals

● Educate on plate portions and portion sizing for your health goals

● Develop food, meal & recipe ideas to suit your preferences and needs

● Strategise eating patterns & plans

The short answer is yes, as long as you are eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan.
Here at Nourished we accept Chronic disease management plans and team care arrangements from GPs or other health professionals, which is covered by the Medicare scheme.

What is a care plan from a GP? 

A Chronic Disease Management plan is accessible to all Australian citizens with certain medical conditions and allows for 5 rebated visits to an Allied Health professional, one being a Dietitian. 

What this means is that if you are eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan you are eligible for 5 medicare rebates with a Nourished Dietitian under these care plans. 

How much does a Dietitian cost in Australia with a care plan? Costs of Dietitian appointments vary between companies, a Nourished Dietitian appointment is $149 for the initial hour appointment with a $56 rebate from Medicare, and $78 for review half hour appointments with a $56 rebate. 

Do you have bulk billing Dietitians? 

Yes. Upon request from your GP, if you require bulk billing appointments, Nourished practitioners will bulk bill if your GP requests this on your referral form. 

How do I know if I am eligible for a care plan? 

We recommend you speak with your general practitioner about what you are experiencing and if you are eligible for a referral under a care plan however the main ailments that qualify for Dietitian appointments are

– Diabetes 

– Anorexia Nervosa 

– Bulimia Nervosa 

– Binge Eating Disorder 

– Coeliac Disease 

– Anaemia 

Do you need a referral to see a Dietitian in Australia? 

No. You may privately book an appointment with a Dietitian in Australia! 

Our Dietitian pricings are as follows

  • $149 for 1-hour initial appointment 
  • $78 for 30 minute review sessions 

However, those with a care plan, NDIS funding or private health insurance may be eligible for partial or full reimbursement.

We aim to keep our prices below the current average within Australia, to allow for increased accessibility of our services. Our ethos is to provide affordable and high quality healthcare for all. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, but are in need of assistance, please reach out to our team to discuss your options. 

As Dietitians, we are specialists in the field of nutrition. Our priority is to ensure nutritional adequacy, management of chronic disease, decrease risk of disease and illness and assist with achieving optimal health. 

As specialists within this field, we work for those with chronic health conditions, temporary health conditions, and those wanting to improve their health and/or performance. 

The ways in which we achieve this is via personalised meal plans & strategies, providing nutrition education, supporting medical conditions, assessing nutritional needs and providing specific and tailored advice and education. 

We are able to assist individuals from all areas and population groups. Examples of areas and conditions we work in include

  • Weight loss 
  • Sports nutrition 
  • Paediatrics (fussy eating, allergies) 
  • Eating & Feeding Disorders 
  • Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes, High Cholesterol) 
  • Gastrointestinal health (IBS, IBD) 
  • Weight loss surgery (Bariatric Surgery) 
  • Women’s Health (PCOS, Fertility, Pregnancy) 

How we assist our clients is by: 

  • Dietary assessment: we are able to analyse your dietary intakes, review total nutritional quality, and develop personalised goals and recommendations based on effective collaboration. 
  • Nutrition education: We aim to empower all clients with the knowledge of their condition and correct nutritional management via the most up-to date and relevant scientific guidelines and research 
  • Support goal setting: by creating personalised goals, strategies and measurement strategies we are able to work with our clients to reach specific goals and evaluate such within the perspective of overall health.

In Australia, there are key distinctions between the titles Dietitian and a Nutritionist, as well as other nutrition health care providers. All Dietitians are Nutritionists, however Nutritionists are not always Dietitians. It is important to note that ‘Dietitian’ and ‘Nutritionist’ are used interchangeably, but there are a few key differences. 

In Australia, Dietitian qualifications are regulated with requirements of a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree over the course of 4 years within the area of Dietetics, with additional supervised clinical placements. There are specific credentialing requirements for Dietitians in Australia, meaning ongoing membership with governing bodies (Dietitians Australia) and ongoing professional development. 

Furthermore, Dietitians are considered the highest qualification in nutrition when it comes to scope of practice. What this means is; the ability to provide specific medical nutritional therapy to individuals to support medical conditions or diseases, and the ability to provide specific and personalised goals and guides (such as calorie goals and personalised meal plans) in correlation with disease and illness is only allowed by Dietitians, not Nutritionists. 

The term ‘Nutritionist’ however is not a regulated terminology. What this means is there is no set standard of credentials, education or experience required.

Dietitians are experienced in assisting their clients reach their weight loss goals. Not only do we work with clients to achieve their goals, but we also assist with keeping the weight off (no crash and yo-yo dieting here!). 

Seeing a Dietitian for weight loss ensures you are not only reaching your goals, but are supporting ongoing guidance, support and education for ongoing and lifelong nutrition goals. Ways we like to assist our clients with weight loss goals include

  1. Personalisation of dietary guides and/or meal plans. Doing so, you are provided with guidance for your specific situation and needs. This includes food examples, portion sizing, plate portion guides and understanding of food groups. 
  2. Education in nutrition. A key part of what we aim for is to assist you, and allow you to grow and develop on your own. We aim to educate on the fundamentals of nutrition, food groups, the role of food and macronutrients and more. By doing

this, you develop your own independence and skills to continue with weight sustainability independently.

  1. Medical condition support. We are able to support those with specific medical background and conditions (e.g. Diabetes, Heart Disease) in reaching weight loss goals whilst considering other comorbidities of health. 

If you are sick of feeling confused and lost with weight loss goals, a Nourished Dietitian is for you.

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