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Nutrition plays a key role for all age groups, and at Nourished we know the impact that beneficial dietary changes can have for our clients, not only in physical health, but also mental health and creating a positive impact quality of life (QOL). For our aged care residents, we provide dietary analysis in alignment with improving QOL, assisting with apathy towards food, requirements for supplementation and malnutrition risks.

How can we help aged care individuals?

We take into account current dietary requirements, QOL, risk factors, medication provision, medical history, social history, individual characteristics and health goals in order to facilitate appropriate dietary plans for our aged care patients. Appropriate malnutrition screening tools such as using a Subjective Global Assessment and Mini Nutritional Assessment are utilised to screen our clients for risk factors in our aged care homes.

We provide expert advice and support in:

  • Changes to nutritional intake, food preferences and appetite
  • Changes in ability to consume a regular dietary intake
  • Education on specific nutrition related concerns such as malnutrition to staff, clients and carers
  • Developing tailored and customisable meal plans (as required)
  • Assistance in education on food preparation that takes into account living situation, abilities and financial feasibility
  • Review of current Aged Care Menus where necessary
  • Review of current supplementation requirements
  • Strategies to best enhance optimal nutritional intake at mealtimes

We can assist in the following areas:

  • Weight management
  • Malnutrition
  • Falls risks
  • Menu Creation
  • Heart Disease, Blood pressure, Cholesterol management, Diabetes management
  • Medication & Supplementation considerations
  • Changes to appetite relating to ailments and apathy
  • Swallowing difficulties due to Dysphagia or denture related issues
  • Nutrition education for carers, family or others to assist the client in their nutrition care

If your aged care facility requires a Dietitian, or a loved one needs assistance in any of these areas please contact the Practice today to discuss how a Nourished Dietitian can help you.

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