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With our Lead Dietitian being a past state netballer and a team full of not only ‘Dietitians’ but Dietitians who hold accreditations in Personal Training, you could say our team has a strong passion for making sure our athletes/gym goers are performing at their best
through proper training nutrition and programming in the gym. Our Nourished dietitians can assist with sports specific nutrition across a range of ages, sports and level of competition either individually or in group settings. Our team can provide personalised and evidence-based advice to help you feel your best both in and out of your sessions.

How can we help your performance?

We are able to critically analyse your current nutritional intake via specific data collection techniques and decipher your sport specific needs to optimise your performance. Our team is able to provide individualised meal plans, guidance and food timing strategies that are tailored for you, whilst taking into account any specific requirements, supplements or dietary needs that you have. No more ‘guessing’ when it comes to your training and competitions, we want you getting it right from the get go!

We provide expert advice and support through:

  • Developing tailored and customisable meal plans, recipes & ideas (as required)
  • Setting your nutrition goals for specific sporting needs
  • Providing practical advice for pre, intra and post training and performance nutrition
  • Assisting you in achieving adequate nutritional intakes for your different stages in training, competition and recovery
  • Providing you with practical advice for supplementation and other sport specific foods, as well as discussing what to avoid
  • Assistance in cooking and recipe skills
  • Assist in AIS supplementation classification explanation to avoid doping risks

We can assist in the following areas:

  • Sport specific weight goals and management
  • Development of cooking and recipe skills
  • Strategy development for nutrition timing for optimal performance outcomes
  • Understanding guidelines for sports nutrition products
  • Aiding in disordered eating, eating disorders and identifying red flags for athletes
  • RED-S management
  • Reducing doping risk for athletes
  • Providing nutrition seminars for your sporting teams, tailored to the specific sport

If you are an athlete looking to increase your performance outcomes, have a Dietitian join your sporting team and would like to make sure you are eating to optimise your training on and off the field, reach out to us today!

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